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Answers to Long-Term Weight Loss

Have you ever meticulously followed a diet for weeks only to regain the weight after small deviations?

It is estimated that 70% of the population in the United States is either overweight or obese. At the root of this epidemic is poor metabolic function. Our bodies do not digest food properly and eliminate toxins, therefore storing fat and making weight loss impossible.

How Essential Oils Can Help!

Before modern laboratory-based medicines, plant extracts were used for thousands of years for their natural healing powers. In fact, many of our pills and vials were first identified by the effect of a plant or fish or bacteria on us humans. It is a well-known fact that specific plants or herbs have a different and helpful affects on the human body.

Our custom formulated Essential Oils are used externally, providing a consistent solution to weight loss. Our weight loss formulas attack all aspects of weight loss, from encouraging thyroid health to metabolism, eliminating toxins, water retention and bloat. We can even target fat loss in specific areas with our “Body Wrap” formula.

We offer six different weight control essential oils, depending on your need:

Adrenal Fatigue Essential Oil

Adrenal Fatigue Essential Oil helps the body adapt to stress; aids in balancing hormones and blood sugar levels. Ingredients include: Basil and Rosemary.

Belly Bloat Essential Oil

Belly Bloat Essential Oil promotes fat metabolism by aiding digestion and regularity, significantly reducing water retention and bloat. Continued use supports healthy liver function.

Body Wrap Essential Oil

Body Wrap Essential Oil attacks fat cells and unwanted toxins from targeted areas of the body. It detoxifies fat cells and produces immediate loss of inches. Includes proprietary products.

Liver Flush Essential Oil

Liver Flush Essential Oil fights toxin build up, promotes liver and gall bladder health and sids with digestion and fat metabolism. Ingredients: lavender, lemongrass and rosemary

Thyroid Essential Oil

Thyroid Essential Oil aids in healing the thyroid, fights fatigue, boosts the immune system and improves focus and concentration. Ingredients: clove, lemongrass, myrrh and peppermint

X-treme Lean Essential Oil

X-treme Lean Essential Oil promotes fat metabolism, has strong diuretic properties, reduces bloating and gas, and aids with digestion. Includes proprietary products.

What Makes our Essential Oil different and why?

When you buy essential oils from Certified Essential Oil Solutions you know exactly what plants – and how that plant helps – affect weight control.

Clove Bud:
Extremely high antioxdidant value preventing free radical damage, anti-viral properties help boost immune system

Known adaptogen and helps the body adapt to stress and exerts a normalizing effect on body process and hormones.

Promotes clear breathing and open airways.

Speeds recovery of muscle strain & sore joints.

The main component is menthol which has cooling and analgesic effects, soothes allergy symptoms and stuffy noses.

Proprietary Products included in some of our essential oils:

  • dō Terra DigestZen
  • Terra Zendrocrine
  • Terra Slim & Sassy

Mood enhancer, reduced feelings of stress

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Increases function of white blood cells.

Rosemary has been shown to assist the body in balancing both hormones and blood sugar levels.

Wild Orange:
Opens relaxation centers of the brain.

Called Nature’s Aspirin for its powerful pain-relieving properties. Has cooling and warming properties