PMS Formula


1oz. Dropper Bottle

Premenstrual Syndrome (P.M.S.) is a group of symptoms occurring one to two weeks prior to menstruation. These symptoms include mood swings, bloating, fatigue, irritability, tender breasts and headaches. Three out of four women experience P.M.S. Our P.M.S. formula offers a wide range of symptom relief.

Apply 7-10 drops to entire abdomen 3-4x/day as needed for symptoms. Applying a hot compress after application of P. M. S. Formula is recommended.


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What makes our Essential Oil different?

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Clary Sage:
Assists in regulating hormones, has anti-spasmodic properties to soothe cramps and promote restfulness.

Juniper Berry:
Powerful anti-inflammatory, helps bloating, soothes digestive system and has detoxification properties and calms nervous tension.

Roman Chamomille:
Fights stress and anxiety, aids with nausea, promotes relaxation.

Carrier: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fun Fact: Hieroglyphic records show that Chamomile was used cosmetically for 2,000 years prior to Roman times.

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